Arturo Gervasoni

Arturo Gervasoni, born February 28, 1962 in La Falda, Cordoba, Argentina, is a contemporary music composer living in France. He studied at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina) and took lessons with Helmut Lachenmann, Luigi Nono in Argentina, and Tristan Murail, Philippe Manoury (IRCAM) and Peter Eötvös in France.

Holder of a Master's degree (2004) and a Doctorate in Musicology (2007) at the University of Rennes. His music could be heard as a search for “sound stimulations” through energy and character. His works, of a sequential type, are at times discursive. Many of his pieces are of literary and philosophical inspiration through authors like Jorge Luis Borges, Alberto Manguel, Arthur Danto. Works by other composers can also inspire him, as well as moments from recent or past history, suggesting works that he describes as "derivative".

His work has been performed and broadcast in different countries such as the United States, Mexico, Argentina, France, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Chile, Brazil , Russia. His production includes chamber music, orchestral music, vocal music, electroacoustic music, music for theater and dance.

Performers like Pablo Márquez, Isabel Soccoja, Maxime Pascal, Michel Grizard, Roberto Aussel,  the ensembles North/South Consonance (New York), Psappha (Manchester), Crush (Germany), Utopik (Nantes), Voix de Stras' (Strasbourg), KNM (Berlin) and the Philharmonic Orchestras of Radio France, Poitou-Charentes, University of Nantes, Libertador San Martin, National Orchestra of Pays de La Loire, played his music.

His music is published by Éditions Billaudot, Éditions Fougeray éditions and Babelscores.

Arturo Gervasoni has been teaching composition at the CRR of Nantes since 2022 and at the Pôle d'Enseignement Supérieur Spectacle Vivant Bretagne-Pays de la Loire since 2014. In addition, he teaches writing and analysis classes, computer-assisted music and composition at the CRD of Saint Nazaire since 2009.