Thomas Csaba

Active in the fields of transmission, pedagogy and experimentation, Thomas Csaba is a graduate of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris and winner of prestigious international competitions such as 2nd prize at the Guitar Foundation of America and 1st prize at the Tokyo international competition (2014).

Thomas now performs as a classical guitarist on stages around the world such as at the Conjunto de Artes Escénicas in Guadalajara, at the Hakuju Hall in Tokyo and at the Philharmonie de Paris. He is currently a teacher at the CRR in Toulouse and at the PESMD in Bordeaux.

Curious about the different mediums of artistic creation, he began self-taught drawing and video and currently publishes his drawings and paintings as part of Éditions Fougeray. From a perspective of experimentation, he invites the public during his performances to discover new repertoires and original concepts including video and electronic music. He notably created the 3 "cineconcerts" Bluebird (2012) Nocturna (2015) and Metamorphosis for which he directed the videos.

Thomas Csaba creates, with composer Valentin Leverrier, the participatory series of traditionally animated short films Capsule Sonore (2020-2022). With this project, they aim to reinterpret the dreams and sounds of the participants. Together they develop a unique relationship with artistic creation based on an exchange of ideas, thus transforming the unique status of the artist through the collective. He subsequently worked for music groups for the production of the video Fuckin up my life for Kriill and La vie d'après du Duo Brady (2024).